How to use Major II Glucose Meter

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Major II is a glucometer made in Taiwan and imported to Sri Lanka. The glucometer is widely available in Sri Lanka as it is been on Sri Lanka for more than 15 years now. This guide is a step by step process on how to use the Major II Glucometer.

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Step 1: Insert the battery

Step 2: Fix the date, time and mg/dl with the black button in the back of the meter

Step 3: Insert the white chip to the meter to register the strip batch

Step 4: After inserting the white chip, setup the lancing device with the needles from the pack (lancets)

Step 5: Adjust the lancing device (pen) accordingly.

Step 6: Insert a strip to the glucometer (do not press any button), insert the black two lines in the edge as the front

Step 7: Insert the lancing device to your finger tip and place the blood on to the two black arrows in the strip

Step 8: Machine will be giving a count down from 5 seconds and show you the sugar level.

Note: Make sure to close the strip vial after taking the strip out. Because any strip would give a lower accuracy if they were exposed to air.

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